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North Bengal State Transport Corporation ,by type of its operation is a District type muffussil service and its sole aim is to render services for the socio-economic development of the remote rural areas mainly in North Bengal .Unluckily, the corporation ,prior to may-2011,was diverted from this target and some services / routes towards remote areas were kept suspended on the plea of un-economic operation but the present scenario, from may-2011 and onwards, does not support the above cause on the basis of traffic demand/earnings. Similarly, such type of services under other depots of the Corporation are expected to be re-opened/newly opened shortly with overcoming the acute financial crisis facing at present and with the addition of new buses/overhauling of the roadworthy serviceable “Off-road” buses.

From may-2011,after the formation of present Govt. Stressed has been given to re-open the suspended services/routes connecting the remote villages/areas with sub-divisional and district Head Quarters for day to day necessities of the public living in those areas. The Corporation, from may-2011 and onwards, already re-opened/newly opened such services/routes under different depots, a list of which is enclosed.

A part from above, some “City-Services” have been inaugurated to render traveling facilities to the public/students living the surrounding places of the District Town in Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and Siliguri after may-2011.

Along time demand / necessity of the corporation to establish a tyre retreading plant of its Own; has been inaugurated in Nov.-2011 at the proposed Central workshop complex of the corporation at New Cooch Behar.

The vision of the corporation for coming days is to operate economic, efficient and properly Co-Ordinated transport services through the optimum utilization of its available sources and suitable assistance /guidance from related level.

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